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Episode 1: The secret

When 12-year old Ara learns that her her Mom is actually a powerful Protector of the secret Imaginarium and has been kidnapped by the Toad World, she must journey with her brother across fantastical worlds to find three other Protectors to help in her rescue, before the Toads take complete control of the universe.

Episode 2: The missing amulet

Ara and Maz, with Mom's magic necklace in hand, jumped through a portal and have landed in a new world. Where are they? Will they find the help they are looking for? Meanwhile, we learn a little more about Momma Khan's secret life as a Protector, and we are introduced to new characters - some good, some not so good, but all of them very entertaining.

Episode 3: The cold stranger

Ara and Maz meet a new character in the strange, frozen world. Does he have any information about their mother’s disappearance? Can he shed any light on the mysterious goings on? They need to help him before he can tell them anything. Over in the Toad World, Protector Khan refuses to tell King Rodder where he can find her magical amulet, but cousin Pazoo thinks he has a foolproof plan.

Episode 4: A special book

Ara and Maz discover that their new friend, Ilannaq, is a Protector, just like their Mom! He gives Ara a very special gift before they all jump through another mysterious portal. Where will they land? Meanwhile, Pazoo has made a devious trip to Protector Khan’s home.

Episode 5: if you can talk, you can sing

Ilannaq introduces Ara and Maz to another Protector and a funky King, in a brand new, very musical world. Will their new friends join the team to help find Protector Khan? They have a few problems of their own to solve first! Over in the Toad World, Protector Khan is reunited with an old friend, but she still hasn’t given up the whereabouts of her magic amulet. Can Pazoo’s new plan keep Rodder from completely losing his patience?

Episode 6: the dome

Ara and Maz have are having a great time singing and dancing in the Desert World with their new friends, but the group can’t lose sight of their mission. Protector Iman’s amulet was stolen like the others, but does she still have some magical powers that could help? Meanwhile, Protector Khan and her old friend Themis are coming up with a plan of their own. Can they fool Rodder and Pazoo?

season finale

Episode 7: pump up the volume

With Ara’s help, Protector Iman she has to muster all her strength to summon the last of her powers. Will it be enough to save her world? And what about saving Protectors Khan and Themis - where in the universe are they anyway? Meanwhile, in the Toad World, Rodder thinks he’s got everything under control while Protectors Khan and Themis have been quietly scheming. Has Protector Khan recovered enough of her powers to pull off the escape?

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